Consciously Coping


challenging stigma

The age old question "How can we dismantle stigma?" Although there is not one specific approach to put an end to stigma, we are attempting to create a clear approach in minimizing the shame that many people place on mentally ill peers. 

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YouTube is our platform of choice when creating visuals that focus on mental health wellness. Vlogs, Mental Health Summits, Webinars and so much more. Go ahead, click it... we promise you will enjoy every minute. 

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Transparency Thursday

In 2015 we launched #transparencythursday a hashtag that promoted shamelessly promoting story telling. No subject is taboo, no holds bar. Just a pure point of view from a mentally ill peer

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Yep, you probably have a mental health advocate in your city. And even more surprisingly some of them are people of color. Want to find out how you can help or become apart of their community? Your'e just a click away

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